School Mission, School Motto

Message from our Principal, Shinji Kamimura:

In addition to Japanese, Kamimura Gakuen offers courses in nursing, physical and occupational therapy, and child care. In each of the courses we train people who can use their qualifications to contribute to society.

In society, communication is one of the most important thing. We work hard to help our students understand how important a good personality is by telling them “Greetings are the foundation of manners” and “Smiles are essential to greeting.” We do our best to treat each of our students with care, which is our school mission.

Kamimura Gakuen will give full support to our international students who will be bridges between Japan and the rest of the world.

The goal of the Japanese Language Course:

To provide students with an education in Japanese language and civics that will let them participate in the global community.


  • Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students by JASSO
    For excellent students who have financial difficulties.
  • Kamimura Gakuen Scholarship
    For high achieving students with high attendance.

Homeroom Teacher System

Each class has a designated homeroom teacher who provides periodic individual career counseling. By working with classmates, students from different countries can help each other to reach their goals. The homeroom teachers will also provide support for your learning and life. Students can always consult their teachers any time they need to.

Course / Capacity

  • One and half year
    • Class capacity : 20people
    • Classes begin : October
  • Two years
    • Class capacity : 20people
    • Classes begin : April
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